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If you are the victim of public libel or slander, your professional reputation and career may be at risk. The Philadelphia law firm of Fell & Spalding helps professionals fight back to vindicate their good name and recover damages for the harm that defamation causes. We represent doctors, attorneys, licensed professionals, and executives throughout Pennsylvania who have had defamatory statements made about them. Contact us to learn more about our experience and the strategies we use to help professionals recover significant damages for defamation.

Why you need an experienced defamation attorney to protect your career

Defamation cases, whether libel or slander, are very fact-specific, and sometimes involve many different claims or defenses. In addition to the normal statute of limitations, there are strict procedural requirements for bringing certain defamation claims, so the potential plaintiff should consult legal counsel as soon as possible. Recovery of an individual’s reputation and his or her good name is the goal of any defamation case we accept. While we always try to resolve disputes amicably, we nevertheless stand prepared to fight for your reputation in courtroom litigation.

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